Improving The Impact Service Engineers
Have On The Bottom Line

The sales people get you the first order but it is the parts department and service engineer who can get you the next and subsequent orders.

The important role that the service engineer plays in adding to your company’s bottom line is not always fully appreciated.  The service engineer is the one who is at the frontline rubbing shoulders with your customers, like the SAS working behind enemy lines.

The service engineer has to possess interpersonal skills so that they can deal with difficult people while keeping calm, they have to be able to communicate with people from the shop floor to the board room as well as repair the equipment in double quick time

The service engineer is ideally situated as an information gathering resource who can relay back to you the latest information.  This can include, whether the company is going to purchase new equipment, staff changes, workload within the customer, all this can help you to formulate your future business strategy.

The service engineer is also a major source of increasing profit.  They can recommend improvements to existing equipment and advise the customer on the latest additions to your product range.

An enthusiastic, well trained, motivated and profit conscious service engineer will add value for your company as well as providing much respected and valuable benefits to the customer.

This course is suitable for:
• Employees who have recently joined your servicing department
• Experienced engineers to enhance their skills
• Management and service directors to provide a guide on how to build positive and lasting relationships with the customer

A short supporting file is shown to help illustrate certain points.

Course duration:  1day