Customer Care

Caring for our customers, before, during and after the purchase is a vital part of business life as correct customer care will ensure their continued loyalty. Maintaining your present customer base is far less costly than creating a new one.

The caring for customers has to be a complete company philosophy and implemented from the most senior person right through the organisation.

This course analyses, in depth, what, as individuals, we believe to be good customer care. Examples are given where delegates have received poor service and where a company, and an individual, have been lacking in providing the care the customer should expect.

This course is designed for staff who deal with people (sales staff, trade counter staff, accounts, service engineers, telephonists, design engineers...) both inside and outside of the organisation, over the telephone and face-to-face.

The need to handle difficult situations on price, service, and customers who have a complaint is discussed in depth, and methods to handle these situations are fully explained. A supporting film will be shown on this course.