Impact Sales Training

At Impact Sales Training we have been delivering courses and training individuals successfully for over 30years.

Impact Sales Training gives your sales people the edge over the competition by thoroughly training them in the following disciplines:

  • Telephone techniques
  • Effective Sales presentations
  • Creating the need for your product
  • Effective professional demonstrations
  • Relating features to benefits
  • Increasing order value
  • Handling Sales objections
  • Effective area planning and management
  • Closing the sale
  • Creating more profit

The customer benefits from Impact Sales Training by experiencing a sales person who is well trained in the need and justification for buying your product.

You benefit because your sales people will have the confidence and the knowledge to portray your product in the best possible way, and in turn will close more sales to satisfied customers.

Sales Training is essential in today's competitive market place. Customers expect sales people who are confident, competent and knowledgeable. So to stay one step ahead of the competition, professional sales training is the key to closing more sales and maintaining customer support.

How is the training conducted?

Impact Sales Training use the latest professional training techniques including films and closed circuit TV where appropriate. Learning takes place by making full use of these techniques to assess present skills and create improvements through case studies and role play. Honing of these skills can be made by training in the field using the field sales coach.

Who can be trained?

Anyone involved with sales will benefit. Courses can be used as:

  • A refresher for experienced sales staff.
  • An introduction for new sales trainees.
  • Motivation and morale booster for existing staff.
  • An overview of the sales process for non-sales staff.

Impact Sales Training can also offer your company a course designed for the Sales Manager on 'TRAINING SALES PEOPLE IN THE FIELD', where your Sales Managers will be shown how correct field training can make the difference between success and failure.

Take advantage of Impact Sales Training's expertise and contact Mike Hill to arrange a training course designed to your company needs.