The Field Sales Coach
Developing Sales People In The Field

Training at the sharp end is practical, on the job training where the field sales coach makes calls on customers and potential customers shoulder to shoulder with your sales people in their sales area.

Field training with the field sales coach has the advantage of building on the strengths of your staff and accurately pin pointing areas needing further development.

Field training with the field sales coach can be compared with training in the battlefield under live fire.

Field training with the field sales coach enables:

  • Training to take place in live situations
  • Pin pointing actual training needs
  • Improved trainee confidence
  • Sales ability is improved while training
  • Trainee is motivated for future success
  • Staff operate more efficiently
  • New areas introduced for more efficient selling
  • Your management time used for other work
  • Rapid results

The end product of field training with the field sales coach is a motivated sales person who reaches their true potential and enjoys selling. The benefits to the employer are obvious and can include increased sales, increased profits and a reduction in training costs.

This type of training is suitable for all external sales people. The field sales coach will work successfully in the field with anyone who comes face to face with customers or potential customers to ensure your staff never miss a sales opportunity.

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